rockpaperscissorsglue replied to your post: I hate foodies but also I love food so…

it gets gross when people use ‘foodie’ as a title to represent their ability to ignore the complexities of cultural consumption in favor for collecting experience as class status markers


i still cant get over this…. i’d been trying to put my finger on why foodies bother me for so long but this is definitely the reason. at a certain point being a foodie feels like some rich ppl bullshit

this lol

foodies use restaurants’ or certain ethnic foods trendiness as some sort of foodie hipster cred

i’m sick of hearing their ignorant asses talking loudly next to me at restaurants

about their plan to go to japan to eat at jiro’s because they saw some documentary


go suck ducks

no i mean literally. ducks taste great though so maybe it’s wasted on a foodie

thecynicalviet asked:

@_@ hi. I saw one of your print scrolls at AX but it disappeared before I got a chance to even pull my money out. Is there any chance you have an online store?

I’m sorry!  I don’t have an online store.

I made wallscrolls only because I thought it would be fun so I did a very small run.  Unfortunately, I don’t necessarily have any plans to print more because they are heavy and fairly costly.  That said, if you remember which picture it was I could try to order it for a particular convention (Anime Los Angeles, Fanime, or AX 2015 are probably good bets) and you could pick it up there.   Let me know if you’d like to do that and I’ll try to arrange it with you.  :)  Sorry I don’t have a better option available… 

naturalistjenny asked:

Hi! I started following you after I saw you at Supanova and I was just wondering how or where you get your prints printed? I wanted to get some of my art in prints and I'm not sure where to start. Thanks!

Online or any local print shop!

If you’re in the Sydney area you can also go to http://www.comicbooksondemand.com.au/

If you want, you can let them know Lisha referred you (don’t worry, I don’t get any referral credits or anything, I just thought it’d be nice for them to know). They do a great job with their print quality and can probably print whatever you need.  I think they can work with you on pricing, too, which is really great if you need to budget out a larger order.